June 1st 2024


Site Settings in Database Form Settings

A new tab "Site Settings" has been added to the database form settings. This allows users to define specific websites or lists of websites where a particular form will be automatically selected by default.

Capabilities with Examples

  • Define a site or list of sites for default form selection.

  • Specify exact webpages:

    • Example: chatgpt.com/c/chat123 to select the form for that specific chat page.

  • Use wildcards (*) to generalize the selection across multiple pages:

    • Example: www.amazon.com/* to select the form for all pages under the Amazon domain.

  • Use commas to specify multiple sites:

    • Example: gmail.com/*,outlook* to select the form for both Gmail and Outlook.

Use Cases

Example 1: Saving products from Amazon

  • Scenario: Save products found on Amazon to a Notion database.

  • How It Works: When you are on Amazon and open the Copy To Notion extension, the form for saving products will be automatically selected.

Example 2: Multiple forms under the same domain

  • Scenario: Save LinkedIn profiles and job offers to different Notion databases.

  • How It Works:

  • Profiles form: When you visit www.linkedin.com/in/*, the form for saving LinkedIn profiles will be automatically selected.

  • Job Offers form: When you visit www.linkedin.com/jobs/*, the form for saving job offers will be automatically selected.

Example 3: Saving emails from different sites

  • Scenario: Save emails from Gmail and Outlook to the same Notion database.

  • How It Works: When you visit gmail.com/* or outlook*, the form for saving emails will be automatically selected for all pages under both domains.


This feature helps prevent mistakes and saves time by automatically selecting the correct database form based on the site you are visiting.